Our People

Shared passion for great wines.
Our wine represents a remarkable team effort, work of a group of professionals who share passion for great wines. This includes family members, winemakers, cellar masters, vineyard managers, staff and artists, all committed to create excellent products.

Taking care of our human resources is one of our main values, the constant dedication of every member of our team brings to life the winery and its wine.

Ricardo Roman

Ricardo was born and grew up in viticulture environment, so he learnt his love for wine at home.
His family had long association with viticulture and Ricardo spent many seasons helping his grandfather and father harvest the fruit, accompanying them to the vineyards and the winery. He was astonished by the winery work and the wine elaboration process. It was then, from a very young age, he knew he wanted to be a winemaker and create great wines.
Ricardo, as Chief winemaker at Las Invernadas Wines, along with his passion and experience helped transform our wines. His attention to detail in the winery and the tasting room has helped produce the quality, consistency and character that Las Invernadas is renowned for.

Carlos Domenech


Agustina Ortubia

Enchanted by the glamour around wine’s world, the great growth of Argentine’s wine exports and the possibility of knowing other wine regions around the world, both, Carlos and Agustina, began their studies as they discovered their vocation and passion. Young, creative and innovative they bring a fresh note to our wines.